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Stop Chasing Meme Stonks

Chris Campbell

Posted January 10, 2023

Chris Campbell

In the 1800s, excessive reading was considered a mental illness.

Reading, doctors concluded, could cause severe sickness and death.

There’s a simple reason for this…


Social structures depended on manual labor. Those caught reading were viewed as idle and immoral. Reading was dangerous. People needed to work. Hard. 

Also, it was weird…

Hans Magnus Enzensberger pointed out that illiteracy is the rule in history and literacy is the exception.

Only around 1800 did people begin seeing literacy as a means of self-improvement and a key to political and cultural freedom.

Consider that the literacy rate in Germany shot up from 25% in 1800 to 75% in 1870… and then 90% by 1900.

In less than 100 years, excessive reading went from being a mental illness to a requirement.

That’s how fast things change.

Most people barely noticed the cultural transformation happening right under their noses.

We’re going through a similar cultural transformation. But this one’s way bigger… and on many fronts all at once.

Some of these trends are great. But not all of them.

It’s a mixed bag…

→ Giving up your personal information. Email, name, occupation, fingerprints. People are far more willing to give up their private information to whoever asks.

→ Our ability to keep people alive longer. Some will argue that we’re not extending life, but prolonging death. In some cases, they’re right. In both cases, it radically transformed culture.

→ The inability to get lost. Used to be, people needed to rely on maps and other people for directions. Now, because I rely on GPS, it takes me three months to learn the route to the local gym.

→ More comfortable with strangers. In 1996, most people wouldn’t dare hop in a car with a stranger, let alone stay overnight at their house. Now, millions do every single day. We used to meet people through our connections. Now, we date online. Radical change.

→ Constant communication. Because of instant messaging, text, and cell phones, everyone expects to reach you at all times and people feel the need to be available at all times. This lends itself to shallow and superficial forms of work… as Cal Newport wrote in his book, Deep Work. But I’m sure there have been positive effects, too.

→ Rural broadband. Today, we talk about rural high speed Internet in the same way we talked about rural electrification in the 1930s. What does it mean that rural places are now joining the infosphere en masse?

And there’s another cultural shift that we believe presents the BIGGEST change… and the biggest opportunity.

How We Invest.

How we invest has undergone a radical transformation in the past decade.

Long ago, buying and selling stocks started out as a hobby for the wealthy. Now, nearly anyone can do it. One in five Americans actively invest in the stock market… and that number’s growing.

But it’s a double-edged sword.

Most people suck at it… and get fleeced by the people who don’t.

Over 28% of Americans actively chase meme stocks -- or stocks that go viral on the Internet. Stocks like AMC, GameStop (or cryptos like Dogecoin).

But other Americans are getting smart…

They’re Embracing a New Way of Investing

Some are learning about how to get in what we’re calling “Partner Shares”.

For the first time in the history of our business, three of the best and most connected investors in America -- James included -- have come together to show our readers how it’s done…

AND let you invest alongside them.

Same terms. Same deals. Same opportunity.

Partner shares level the playing field in a way that’s never been seen in our business… and we suspect it will revolutionize the way people invest moving forward.

There’s a catch: If you want to even LEARN about it, you must act fast.

Since we’ve met our funding deadline, your chance to get in is winding down.

Before it’s too late:

Click here for a quick rundown from our publisher, Doug Hill, before you join.

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