Bitcoin to $100K or $20K?

NEWPosted January 25, 2022

By Chris Campbell

99% of our crypto research behind the scenes goes toward identifying which cryptos could hit mass adoption first.

5 Reasons Bitcoin is About to Skyrocket

Posted January 24, 2022

By Chris Campbell

There are several reasons to believe the contrarian position is right… and that crypto could have an explosive 2022.

The Future is Volatile

Posted January 20, 2022

By Chris Campbell

Many on Wall Street continue to believe that Bitcoin is akin to digital gold, or at least a hedge against inflation. And while that may turn out to be the case in the future, it’s not a reality today.

How Not to Get Crypto Scammed

Posted January 19, 2022

By Chris Campbell

It sounds boring, but the best and safest path is to buy and hold. Nothing more to it than that.

Start Your Own Country

Posted January 18, 2022

By Chris Campbell

Software allows you to start your own business, community, currency… but what about your own country?

Crypto Capital vs. Gunpowder Revolution

Posted January 14, 2022

By Chris Campbell

“The objective,” Prince Hans-Adam said, “must be to transform all states into peaceful service companies.”

The End of the World

Posted January 13, 2022

By Chris Campbell

Many are once again realizing -- perhaps intuitively -- that the nation-state’s increasing doom-and-gloom is more likely a reflection of its world ending… not necessarily THE world.

Death of the Nation State?

Posted January 12, 2022

By Chris Campbell

In 100 years, historians will focus, above all else, on us. Why? Because we sit at the most pivotal moment. Just before the greatest wealth and power shifts in human history.

Chaos, Tyranny, and Crypto

Posted January 11, 2022

By Chris Campbell

Bitcoin and crypto have created a conception of rights based not on the power of violence, but on the power of cryptography, math, and shared truth.

The United States of Anarcho-Tyranny

Posted January 10, 2022

By Chris Campbell

Anarcho-tyranny is what happens when an anarchy of unpunished public stabbings is combined with the tyranny of unlimited parking tickets.