ETHpocalypse Now

NEWPosted March 24, 2023

By Chris Campbell

Is Ethereum doomed?

The SEC’s War on Crypto Heats Up

Posted March 23, 2023

By Chris Campbell

As the US tries to export and enforce its rules on the world, it increasingly feels like the world has stopped listening.

The Banking Crisis is a Distraction

Posted March 22, 2023

By Jim Rickards

Escalation in Ukraine is getting dangerous.

The Craziest Bitcoin Bet I’ve Ever Seen

Posted March 21, 2023

By Chris Campbell

Balaji bet $1 million US dollars that Bitcoin will be $1 million in 90 days. But that’s not even the craziest part.

The Bull is Back

Posted March 20, 2023

By James Altucher

For short-term investors, I believe we are about to see a bull market in tech investments and crypto… at least until we see one thing happen.

3 Catalysts That Killed SVB

Posted March 17, 2023

By Chris Campbell

Among other things, post-2008 regulators didn’t anticipate viral tweets, heightened anxiety, and super fast thumbs.

Financial Crises 101

Posted March 16, 2023

By Chris Campbell

This won’t make you less confused. But it will help you understand how it all works.

This Isn’t 2008

Posted March 13, 2023

By Chris Campbell

Here’s the scary part.

James: Why Banks Are Blowing Up

Posted March 10, 2023

By James Altucher

SVB may be the shot heard ‘round Wall Street, but the odds of it being a one-off occurrence are between slim and none, and slim just left town.

How Silvergate Went Bust

Posted March 09, 2023

By Chris Campbell

Silvergate had little to do with crypto and everything to do with Biblically bad risk management. Here’s how it went bust.