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Rickards: The U.S. Fumbled Russia

Posted February 28, 2022

We could be paying the price for years to come. Who’s to blame for this U.S. strategic failure? You can start with the globalist elites…

SWIFT: What Really Happens to Russia?

Posted February 25, 2022

Russia is no small fish. It’s a key energy supplier to Europe and the world. It exports critical materials for stuff like jet engines, semiconductors, cars, electronics, fertilizer, and more.

Will Governments Steal Your Crypto?

Posted February 24, 2022

My trader friends are pulling their hair out. They’re getting spooked out of the markets. There’s so much noise, confusion, and manipulation.

5 Books to Ease Your Fears

Posted February 23, 2022

My trader friends are pulling their hair out. They’re getting spooked out of the markets. There’s so much noise, confusion, and manipulation.

5 Books You Need to Read in 2022

Posted February 22, 2022

To prepare for what’s to come…

Bank Runs, Bitcoin, and the Future

Posted February 18, 2022

The workers’ revolution is taking a different path from what anyone in the 19th century could have ever imagined: from diesel to crypto to freedom. Or so we can hope.

Crypto, Electricity, and Vaccine Riots

Posted February 17, 2022

From the outside looking in, crypto seems good only for trading pictures of monkeys and getting hacked. But zoom out.

Bitcoin’s Next Narrative: Censorship

Posted February 16, 2022

In 2022, many companies will have to make a choice between appealing to those who want to censor vs. an emerging demographic that will push back.

DeFi’s “Third Wave” is Coming

Posted February 15, 2022

The entire crypto market ultimately depends on innovation in DeFi. And, right now, we’re in the early innings of DeFi’s third wave of adoption.

Tax-Free Gold, Silver, and Crypto

Posted February 14, 2022

Set the money free from nonsensical taxes and red tape and let the people decide what they want to buy, spend, and save. The latest bills are a step in the right direction.

“Buy On the Bloodiest Days”

Posted February 11, 2022

Could Bitcoin become a disaster hedge?

The Bitfinex Hack, Revealed

Posted February 10, 2022

It’s the strangest story in crypto. And that’s a pretty high bar.

Ronald Wayne’s $3.1 Billion Mistake

Posted February 09, 2022

“You’ve heard of Jobs. You’ve heard of Wozniak. But you probably haven’t heard of Wayne. Here’s why.”

How to Lose Bigly in Stocks, Crypto, and Life

Posted February 08, 2022

Ignore past prices. Focus on potential. Focus on opportunities. Focus on the ever-changing landscape. Tesla was an asymmetric bet. One I regret not paying more attention to.

The IRS Won’t Tax Crypto Staking?

Posted February 07, 2022

Ultimately, the tax pros I spoke to said to take the conservative approach. And wait for the IRS to provide official guidance.

The End of Money?

Posted February 04, 2022

In 1874, Max Planck was told he shouldn’t study physics. Why? Because there wasn’t much left to discover. Planck didn’t listen and revolutionized physics. Something similar is happening with money.

Why Zuck’s “Meta” is Getting Crushed

Posted February 03, 2022

No, Zuckerberg isn’t going anywhere. But Zuck’s not going to be the king of the metaverse. Nor do I think Meta is the best way to profit from the rise of the metaverse.

Doomer Optimism w/ Tucker Max

Posted February 02, 2022

“There are no more safe places, only safe people — and the only way to be around safe people is to first become one.”

Should You Freak Out About Inflation?

Posted February 01, 2022

History will look favorably on those that make it through this period of volatility. Your job is to survive and thrive in the turmoil.