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How to Build a Solid Crypto Portfolio

Posted March 31, 2022

Here’s the harsh truth: When most people calculate their returns after a year of trading crypto and NFTs, They discover they should’ve just bought Bitcoin and Ethereum and did nothing.

The Five-Year Crypto Plan

Posted March 30, 2022

It’s an infrastructure play that I bet less than 1 in 100 crypto VETERANS know about. Crypto will be useless without this solution and it’s still flying under the radar.

2022: The Year of the “NFT DAO”

Posted March 29, 2022

Missed out on Bored Apes and Cryptopunks? Don’t miss out on this.

Inflation, Corporate Greed, and the Fed

Posted March 28, 2022

Only monopolies are allowed to have high profit margins. Consider that Walmart has a 2% profit margin and Merck, a pharmaceutical company, has a 27% margin. Wonder why that is? It’s simple.

I’m Not the Best Father, But…

Posted March 25, 2022

If two countries at war can stop to shake hands. So can two people who are in a family. So can two people who have experienced many loving moments only to be outweighed by something trivial. You are all brothers and sisters.

Hyper-Bullish on Ethereum

Posted March 24, 2022

Already-dwindling supply + better incentives to hold + the Triple-Having = supply shock!

Ukraine Doomsday Portfolio

Posted March 23, 2022

No one knows how long Ukraine and Russia’s war is going to go for and the stock market doesn’t like uncertainty.

Goodbye, Bitcoin (Part Two)

Posted March 22, 2022

First off, I love Bitcoin. I love everything about it. If Bitcoin was a person I might marry it. If Bitcoin was champagne, I would bathe in it.

Why James Sold His Bitcoin

Posted March 21, 2022

First off, I love Bitcoin. I love everything about it. If Bitcoin was a person I might marry it. If Bitcoin was champagne, I would bathe in it.

Inflation for Dummies: Everything you need to know

Posted March 18, 2022

What I am doing now to hedge against this: buy stocks of good, growing companies (don't' be too speculative though. Make sure they are good companies). Buy hard assets like land. And I am also bullish on cryptocurrencies in general.

The Great Migration

Posted March 17, 2022

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks we're heading towards a world where huge companies (Blackstone is the largest fund in the world) own all the land and the people are all renters.

Q&A With Jim Rickards

Posted March 16, 2022

Based on everything I’ve learned in the past 40 years, especially my experience working with the United States government, I believe we’re in for big trouble.

The New Great Depression

Posted March 15, 2022

His mission is to bust open the doors and pull everyday Americans into the fold -- showing them how to protect themselves and profit from what’s to come.

Are Gas Prices High Enough?

Posted March 14, 2022

“Modern supply chains took 30 years to build and are being blown up in a matter of months. They will take years to rebuild.”

Crypto Doomsday?

Posted March 09, 2022

Meanwhile, the price outlook for crypto, despite all the volatility, is very strong. Financial and monetary systems of the world are extremely fragile. In such times, people turn to what they can trust. That means hard money like gold. But it also means digital assets.

The Great Shipping Shake-Up

Posted March 08, 2022

Expect to see new policies and legal action against the shipping industry in the coming months as the White House desperately tries to reel in inflation and shift the blame elsewhere.

The Evolution of Money

Posted March 07, 2022

Some call it a “revolution.” It’s not. It’s an evolution. Revolution implies a “turning around.” Revolutions are often reactionary and sudden. Evolution is different. Evolution is here to stay.

The Oracle of Omaha’s Dirty Little Secret

Posted March 04, 2022

It doesn’t hurt that, beyond the cracker barrel image, Buffett is capable of spinning up no shortage of timeless wisdom.

Web3 as Space Age Digital Infrastructure

Posted March 03, 2022

It has the potential to upgrade our dominant systems beyond Industrial Age science and Bronze Age politics. It can give us the opportunity to meet the future’s challenges dynamically, quickly, and effectively -- all without the need for a central planner.

Crypto Winter is Coming, But…

Posted March 02, 2022

This is a recipe for another crypto winter. But this time… the money won’t exit crypto. It will get sucked into the protocols actually being used. Those with actual utility, ready for mainstream action.

When Sanctions Meet DeFi

Posted March 01, 2022

“If we're building a banking system that can be shut down it will be shut down. We need DeFi, not crypto banks.”