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Crypto Bear Season?

Posted April 29, 2022

Despite the fear and uncertainty, there are still plenty of reasons to be bullish on crypto.

Meltdowns By Musk

Posted April 28, 2022

Will Musk ‘make us dumber about free speech’? Or will he ‘usher in a new era of free expression’?

From Bernie to Bitcoin

Posted April 27, 2022

Will we see automation hit The Hill as hard as it will the Rust Belt? Couldn’t we automate away politics, too, in the same way we’re automating everything else?

Ukraine, Crypto, & the World Stage

Posted April 26, 2022

It’s when the world actually starts using crypto because IT HAS TO and not because it's the cool tech thing to do — When that happens the world will change for the better.

Everyone’s Wrong About Inflation

Posted April 25, 2022

The losers will be savers; retirees; and those relying on insurance, annuities, pensions and fixed-rate bonds to pay their bills. The biggest winners will be…

Crypto’s First Billion Users

Posted April 22, 2022

I've spoken to Marc Lore, who owns the team the Minnesota Timberwolves. I asked him, "what if someone created NFTs for you that acted like tickets." He said, "we're already implementing this".

The “Dirty Little Secret” of Crypto Exchanges

Posted April 21, 2022

Meanwhile, they’re quietly earning about 20% with your money. All from a DeFi protocol that ANYONE can use.

This Crypto Side-Hustle is About to Explode

Posted April 20, 2022

Regular domains can be incredibly lucrative, but ENS domains are far more dynamic and could present a unique opportunity for someone looking for a side-hustle.

DeFi’s Class-Action Lawsuit

Posted April 19, 2022

Crypto is still the digital Wild West, waiting for its railroads to California. When those railroads are built (in the form of regulations, network effects, and more), 99% of the prospectors will lose, while 1% will gain massively. We look for that 1%.

North Korea’s Crypto Heist

Posted April 18, 2022

“It’s staggering — bank robbery at the speed of the Internet.”

Elon Musk Takes on Twitter

Posted April 15, 2022

The upheaval of our times will eventually touch every institution based on the widespread perception that something has gone very wrong and cries out for a fix.

Want Green Energy? Mine More Bitcoin.

Posted April 14, 2022

Rather than banning Proof-of-Work, global powers should embrace Bitcoin. But that might mean loosening the reins of control a bit. Tough choice.

Hold Crypto? You’re Probably a Psychopath.

Posted April 13, 2022

Just like media headlines, 90%+ of crypto is bull****. But 1% of it is the future. Picking the winners is the hard part, but it could easily turn a tiny stake into an absolute fortune.

Thiel Talks Bitcoin

Posted April 12, 2022

These truly are revolutionary times. It will not be a smooth transition from the old system to the new.

The Worst Has Just Happened

Posted April 11, 2022

If you think it can’t happen here in the U.S… or wherever else you are in the world… Jim Rickards says you’re in for a rude awakening.

Inflation, Taxes, and China’s Re-COVID

Posted April 08, 2022

With the latest lockdown, you can expect further supply chain disruptions. China’s policies are a drag on global growth and represent another disruption to global supply chains.

The Weird World of “Vintage” NFTs

Posted April 07, 2022

A few vintage NFTs sold for a king’s ransom. For example, an NFT minted in 2014 pulled in $1.4 million at a Sotheby’s auction last year.

Why I’m Bullish On “Historical” NFTs

Posted April 06, 2022

I escaped packs of wild dogs in Bangkok and a wild-eyed stalker in Kuala Lumpur. I found myself at the center of a psychedelic renaissance in Prague. But nothing prepared me for South America… and my first foray into NFTs.

New EU Crypto Law Does What?!

Posted April 04, 2022

The unintended consequence of this bill is that it will make centralized exchanges more complicated, with worse user experience, and higher prices, making decentralized exchanges far more attractive. This is a boon for DeFi.

The Truth About DeFi

Posted April 01, 2022

DeFi is one of the best opportunities in the history of money to build wealth, take control of your money and participate in the greatest unlocking of innovation and human ingenuity around the world in human history.