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Own Nothing. Never Retire.

Posted June 30, 2022

I can see the headlines now: ‘Can indentured servitude be a force for good?’

Own Crypto? Do This NOW.

Posted June 29, 2022

I’ll tell you the same thing I told my best friend: If you’re holding a lot of crypto on an exchange — ESPECIALLY the lower-tier ones — you need to act now.

Bill Gates is Spooked. Should You Be?

Posted June 28, 2022

It’s no surprise he’s selling stocks this year. Nobody ever got poorer by taking profits. But, here’s the thing…

This is Your Money on CBDCs

Posted June 24, 2022

With CBDCs, the major perks of cash — privacy and freedom to transact — grow wings and fly out of the chimney.

The Ugly Truth About CBDCs

Posted June 23, 2022

Rickards says that, as far as the U.S. goes, it’s all laid out in Section 4 of Biden’s Executive Order 14067.

The Lion, the Tiger, and the Ass

Posted June 22, 2022

Then suddenly, no money, no friends, no more PR, and you’re on your bed smoking your last piece of crack…

Crypto in the Real World

Posted June 21, 2022

A lot of people say that crypto has solved no real problems yet. That it's all about hype, hope, and speculation. Here’s what I say.

Change the Channel

Posted June 17, 2022

Cryptocurrencies I expect to do well might take a bit longer to do that, but I continue to believe this patience will result in life changing fortunes.

Why Do We Need Crypto in the World?

Posted June 15, 2022

I know this part is a bit complicated. But nobody has really spoken about this.This strikes me as a game changer in world finance.

The Crypto Regulation Shake-Up

Posted June 14, 2022

Rickards believes the next big panic is closer than many people think. Here’s why.

Blackouts, Famine, and Shortages?

Posted June 13, 2022

Blackouts… tangled supply chains… shortages of aluminum, titanium, platinum, palladium, lithium and nickel… famine?

Bitcoin Bulls Get Ready

Posted June 10, 2022

America has crossed the ‘chasm’ of ‘is this real’ (yes) and ‘will it be banned’ (no). The questions/challenges are different now.

The Bull Case For Ethereum

Posted June 09, 2022

We have seen large moves and supply shocks in crypto before, but I believe the Merge will create the largest and most violent one we have ever seen at scale.

The Crypto Regulation Shake-Up

Posted June 08, 2022

America has crossed the ‘chasm’ of ‘is this real’ (yes) and ‘will it be banned’ (no). The questions/challenges are different now.

The Fed Bashes Bitcoin, Egg On Face

Posted June 07, 2022

Buying eggs with Bitcoin instead of dollars is like driving an Airbus ACH160 helicopter to the local grocery store instead of your Honda Accord.

Why I’m Not Worried About a Recession

Posted June 06, 2022

Usually in a recession, companies stop hiring. So people who want jobs and need money can't get jobs or money. So everyone stops spending. But here’s the thing…

“Too Slow. Can’t Scale. Too Hard.”

Posted June 03, 2022

The early Internet was slow, couldn’t scale, and was hard for the average Joe to use. Turns out, every single one of these problems were multi-billion dollar opportunities.

The Oracle at DeFi

Posted June 02, 2022

Crypto isn’t going to completely be a “winner-takes-all” scenario. The most useful blockchains will win, but there will be many winners. (And a lot more losers, but that’s just the name of the game.)

Crypto’s Biggest Bargains

Posted June 01, 2022

There will be winners and lots of losers, and right now most people don’t know the difference. That’s why BOTH the future losers and winners are down big — some almost 90% from their all-time highs.