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Aliens, AI, and Superconductors

Posted July 31, 2023

“Insane black magic sorcery!”

Bears Be Damned

Posted July 28, 2023

Passive investing is a mistake.

Biden’s AI Crackdown Has Just Begun

Posted July 27, 2023

So far, all of the limitations on AI development in America have been self-imposed. Not for long.

The Scot Wizard of East Asia

Posted July 26, 2023

Plus, the Saudi Arabia of Data.

Beyond the Bell Tower

Posted July 25, 2023

Timekeeping without timekeepers.

A Case of Liquid Death

Posted July 24, 2023

Just water in a beer can?

Hollywood’s Big Lie (A.I.)

Posted July 21, 2023

Even Zuck fell for it.

Barbie & The Atomic Bomb

Posted July 20, 2023

AI's “Oppenheimer Moment”

Investor’s Guide to WWIII

Posted July 19, 2023

Boots, nukes, and financial flukes.

Salt, Silver, and Software

Posted July 18, 2023

Monks and the OpenAI Killer.

You Could Be Next

Posted July 17, 2023

CBDCs aren’t coming.

CBDCs vs. Crypto

Posted July 14, 2023

Two words: credible neutrality.

Ripple Wins Case Against SEC

Posted July 13, 2023

Big blow against Gensler

AI Lies, Debunked

Posted July 12, 2023

The machine intelligence series.

How to Outsmart AI

Posted July 11, 2023

There are three types of thinking in the digital age. Two of them will get blindsided. The third will rule the world.

Fed Signals “Higher For Longer”

Posted July 10, 2023

What it means.


Posted July 07, 2023

AI can change gene-editing. Gene-editing can change everything.

The ChatGPT of Biotech

Posted July 06, 2023

How AI will transform medicine.

US Aims for AI Supremacy

Posted July 05, 2023

It’s no secret that the US and China have been in a “cold war” for years. But this is another level.

FedNow: What Happened on July 1?

Posted July 04, 2023

Not a CBDC, but...

Becoming Sun Gods: Harnessing Fusion Energy at Last

Posted July 03, 2023

The energy revolution we’ve been waiting for.