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Sanctioned: The Strange Death of Money

Posted October 31, 2023

Happy birthday, Bitcoin.

Buy Crypto Like BlackRock (OTC)

Posted October 30, 2023

If you or your organization is interested…

The Case For $2 Million Bitcoin

Posted October 27, 2023

I was wrong.

One “Zeitgeist” Stock to Rule Them All

Posted October 26, 2023

AI, crypto, geopolitics, high-tech blossoms…

5,000 Years of Change in One Generation (A.I.)

Posted October 25, 2023

The power of the s-curve

How to Think About AI, Crypto, and Quantum Computing

Posted October 24, 2023

AI softens, crypto hardens, QC deepens

Trump’s Favorite Crypto (NOT Bitcoin!)

Posted October 23, 2023

He’s holding MILLIONS.

Chips, ChatGPT, and China

Posted October 20, 2023

Military officials are on edge.

The Old Economy is Shattered, Deceased, Extinct, Never Coming Back

Posted October 19, 2023

In other words, the atomic age is dead.

What “Collapse” Really Means

Posted October 18, 2023

Yes, collapse is coming. I feel fine.

Trading Bitcoin? Read This.

Posted October 17, 2023

The Blackrock Bitcoin fakeout.

Propaganda Inc.

Posted October 16, 2023

Israel. Ukraine. ?????.

Beyond FTX: Crypto’s Main Street Moment

Posted October 13, 2023

How crypto can save Main Street.

Crypto Caligula: the Fall of FTX

Posted October 12, 2023

In the style of Wes Anderson

The FTX-Shaped Hole in Crypto

Posted October 11, 2023

Rats on a sinking liferaft.


Posted October 10, 2023

Investors take heed.

Jetsons v. the Flintstones

Posted October 09, 2023

Confessions of a cartoon snob.

Boss Around A.I. For Fun and Profit

Posted October 06, 2023

James reveals his favorite tools.

The Calm Before the Stampede

Posted October 05, 2023

VIDEO: Brazilian joggers incite panic.

Murphy’s Law (Vegas Edition)

Posted October 04, 2023

Plus, the hangover hypothesis.


Posted October 03, 2023

Reporting in from Vegas.

“Don’t Freak Out” (Vegas-Bound)

Posted October 02, 2023

Reporting from 3,000 feet.