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RX War of 2025

Posted February 29, 2024

With three tech titans tackling XR head-on, an XR war seems inevitable through 2025 and beyond. Do this before March!

BCS3-L1: Space-Age Dentistry in Honduras

Posted February 28, 2024

Should I put GMOs in my mouth to kill cavities forever? Vote below. Decide my fate.

Web∞ (Crypto, AI, & VR/AR)

Posted February 27, 2024

Investors who get ahead of this curve will be peering from their villas into paradise… wondering where and how it all went right.

AI Revives the Rust Belt

Posted February 26, 2024

Can AI help revive the Rust Belt? Atomic Industries, based in Detroit, believes so. Here’s how.

The Truth About the “Moon Landing”

Posted February 23, 2024

Unclench those cheeks. The kids are alright.

Cell Phones Down. Do This Now!

Posted February 22, 2024

The average American spends $157/month on their phone plan and it’s not even nuke-proof. (And they don’t even get paid!)

Read this before you die

Posted February 21, 2024

Tired of being sick and lied to? You have more control than you think.

The Two-Hundredth Monkey Effect

Posted February 20, 2024

Millions of moonshots -- as we’re seeing in AI, crypto, charter cities, and longevity -- are becoming more shouts than mere whispers.

Predicting Crypto’s Next Big Hit

Posted February 19, 2024

There are several blockchains working to scale enough to support these prediction markets. But only ONE will dominate.

The Ricky Bobby of Assets

Posted February 14, 2024

It took the first gold ETF 3 days to hit $1 billion - the fastest ever to do so and a record it held for 18 years. Bitcoin crushed it.

Fake Science!

Posted February 13, 2024

Fake science is worse than fake news. Here’s how to fix it. (And profit!)

Biotech x AI x Crypto (Golden Age)

Posted February 12, 2024

Decentralized science is coming. Here’s what you need to know.

Tokenizing Las Vegas

Posted February 09, 2024

Fans own sports contracts. Invest in satellites. Tokenize your career. Tokenize your life.

The Olympics, But With Drugs

Posted February 08, 2024

Decentralized Science will be messy, wild, and even a little bit scary. GOOD.

Disrupt Delaware! (Elon Musk)

Posted February 07, 2024

STEP TWO: Disrupt Everything

The Sovereign Developer

Posted February 06, 2024

The truth about Vitalia

Prospera: A New Blueprint for Civilization

Posted February 05, 2024

The old world is loud, angry, boisterous, and scary. You would be too if you were in its shoes.

.009% the Size of Apple

Posted February 01, 2024

There will be no shortage of skeptics, but James has made huge calls like this before.