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10 Jobs That AI Will Replace

James Altucher

Posted January 13, 2023

James Altucher

Ready or not, AI continues to creep into our lives.

The latest proof:

ChatGPT has been added as an author of a study.

ChatGPT, as you already know, is an AI chatbot by OpenAI.

Every single time I mess with it, I’m blown away.

In fact…

Used correctly, ChatGPT can be a superior assistant… maybe even an employee.

And that’s just scratching the surface of what’s to come with AI.

Below, James reveals 10 jobs AI will disrupt first…

That is, before it comes for all of us.

Read on.

Industries/Jobs that will be quickly replaced by AI

James Altucher

1. Journalists

Newspapers don't need journalists, or even op-ed writers, or even editors anymore

An AI can find trending topics on Twitter or other platforms (Reddit, or even AP releases) and summarize them in a journalistic style with more knowledge than any journalist.

AI can edit the piece. Perhaps you need one editor per category to figure out how to direct the AI with specific questions.

The editor in chief/publisher who determines the slant of the op-ed page can create op-ed pieces just by asking the AI.

2. 2/3s of all lawyers.

Any lawyer that used to unlock information (traffic lawyers, parking ticket lawyers, etc) as opposed to taking action (appearing in court, negotiating) can be replaced by AI.

3. Simple computer programmers.

ChatGPT has access to all open source software and can write 100,000s of simple programs.

4. Many graphic designers.

Go to, put in your company name and answer a few questions and it will spit out a bunch of professional looking logos. Don't like your choices? Try again.

5. Authors of how-to books or cookbooks

Look up a recipe on ChatGPT and you’ll see what I mean. Ask it how to do something and you’ll see what I mean.

6. People who make training/how-to videos

Here's an example. It's not quite there yet (I still think the voice and people look slightly artificial) but it will get there:

7. Factory workers

Check out Tesla's work in progress: the Optimus robot.

image 2

8. retail workers

Already happening. I think there's a McDonald's that’s fully automated.

9. overnight security guards

Sensors can detect suspicious behavior, etc and report to police.

10. customer service

Already happening. There are some companies way ahead of the curve that might be investment-worthy.

More on that soon.

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