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AI’s “Golden Egg Event”

AI’s “Golden Egg Event”

Chris Campbell

Posted July 05, 2024

Chris Campbell

You’ve no doubt heard of the golden goose fable… 

It’s a tragic tale. But the West isn’t the only one to tell it.

Cultures and traditions all around the world have explored the golden egg motif - sometimes with happy endings.

In Egyptian myth, for example, the god Ra is depicted as emerging from a golden egg laid by the celestial goose Geb.


In Slavic folklore, on the other hand, Geb is a firebird goose.

In Japan, they ditch Geb and get to the point: the golden egg is a valuable resource that provides great wealth.

But, to be sure, the egg is not a static thing. In Hindu tradition, the entire Universe was born of a golden egg.

Thus, the golden egg is an affair, a happening, an opportunity - its appearance we can perhaps call a “Golden Egg Event” (GEE).

Think Black Swan, but the tears aren’t mixed with blood. (Just don’t strangle Geb!)

When it comes to investing, symptoms of a GEE may include:

- Heightened enthusiasm for the “refresh” button

- Increased appetite for price predictions

You might notice these symptoms increase in the coming months. Do not be alarmed.

The Greatest Time to Be Alive

In our Early Stage Crypto Investor service, I made the case this week that the Ethereum ETF is one such Golden Egg Event.

BUT, of course…

What kind of Universe would this be if we were just beholden to ONE golden egg opportunity? Not one I’m keen to live in.

Fortunately, there’s also AI - an embarrassment of golden eggs - revealing how special it is to be alive right now at this time.

Especially as an investor. (Everyone is an investor.)

Allow me to explain.

Five Steps to a Golden Egg

From lay to hatch, golden egg events consist of five distinct steps:

Step 1: Golden egg events are infrequent, but their impact is outsized. (Example: SpaceX’s first successful rocket landing marked a huge turning point in space exploration, reducing the cost of space launches.)

Step 2: Like eggs, they tend to require a gestation period before their full effects materialize. (Ex. While ARPANET was created in 1969, it took a while for the internet to become the ubiquitous force it is today.)

Step 3: However, when triggered, they tend to cause cascading positive effects as increased attention and capital flows amplify the initial catalyst. (Ex. Once the ETF for gold was launched, gold kept going up for the next EIGHT years.)

Step 4: Golden eggs disproportionately benefit specific assets or sectors, creating divergence from broader market trends. (Ex. The rise of e-sports has disproportionately benefited companies like Twitch and gaming hardware manufacturers.)

Step 5: The benefits extend much further beyond the primary asset, positively impacting related projects and technologies in its ecosystem. (Ex. Tesla Model S accelerated the entire EV industry, battery tech, and charging infrastructure. Panasonic, Nvidia, ChargePoint, and more all benefited big.)

We’re in the beginnings of step 3 and 5 right now - and this will last for years.

According to PwC, AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

The best time to get in is BEFORE the golden egg takes off.

Just Don’t Kill Geb

Like the golden eggs of legend, AI promises great rewards for those who recognize its value and act wisely.

But remember, the true power of a golden egg isn’t the egg itself - it’s about understanding where the eggs are actually coming from.

Right now, as you know, James is laser-focused on the Geb-style investments.

The golden geese.

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