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An Appless Apple

An Appless Apple

Chris Campbell

Posted June 06, 2024

Chris Campbell

In just a quarter of a century, "app stores" will be as passé as Blockbuster.

The mere thought of manually opening an app (pfft!) will seem equally as cumbersome as rewinding that cassette tape before you drive to the store to return it.


The barely pubescent brain will struggle to comprehend the ancient ritual of swiping through pages of app icons.

What will they do instead, you ask?


We caught a glimpse of it three months back, when Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile) unveiled something historic at the Mobile World Congress.

Genie in Your Pocket

Instead of juggling a bunch of apps to get things done, Deutsche Telekom’s concept phone uses AI to handle everything for you.

Think of it as having a super-smart assistant right in your pocket.

Let's say you want to buy a gift for your daughter. With this AI phone, you just tell it what you need, and bam! It pulls up a list of perfect gift ideas in seconds.

Say you wanna’ read reviews or watch videos about a product… 

You simply ask, and the AI serves it up.

No more hopping between apps or scouring the web. And when you're ready to buy, it's just a matter of giving the word, and the AI takes care of the rest.

According to Deutsche Telekom, this’ll happen faster than you might think: In 5-10 years, they say, we won't even remember what apps are.

We'll just tell the AI what we want to do, and it'll make it happen.

Here’s the thing…

We have reason to believe that, in just a few days, Apple will kick start this revolution…

And this presents a very interesting opportunity for early investors.

An Appless Apple?

Here’s the bet:

Despite the company's current dominance in the app market, with its highly profitable App Store, Apple recognizes that the writing is on the wall…

And that a shift towards AI-driven, appless phones is inevitable. Apple is well-positioned to lead the charge and maintain its competitive edge.

Despite the potential challenges of replacing App Store revenue, Apple has opportunities to generate income in an appless future.

(For example, expanding subscription-based services to new features comes to mind.)

Ultimately, Apple’s focus on user experience and its commitment to privacy and security make it a strong contender in the appless market.

No less…

The tech giant’s ability to create seamless ecosystems and its loyal customer base will help ensure a smooth transition to this new paradigm.

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