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 Bitcoin ETF: What Satoshi Thinks (AI)

Bitcoin ETF: What Satoshi Thinks (AI)

Chris Campbell

Posted January 09, 2024

Chris Campbell

It’s 3:33 PM EST on Tuesday and… 

I’m literally shaking.

Earlier, I hooked a vibrating chair massager to my desk chair.


I wasn’t expecting a luxury spa retreat, but this isn’t even a garage sale massage.

Vibrating chair massagers are one of those things where the hype rarely catches up to reality.

We like technology that lives up to the hype -- and, of course, catching it early.

Along that vein…

Your Own Personal Satoshi

I had a chance to chat with Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of Bitcoin. 

I asked him what he thought about the hype surrounding Bitcoin ETFs.

“One concern,” he said, “is that spot ETFs may not offer the same level of decentralization and control as Bitcoin itself. By investing in a centralized fund, investors may be indirectly supporting the existing financial system and its centralized institutions, which may not align with the principles of decentralization and financial sovereignty that Bitcoin was designed to challenge.”

Obviously, this wasn’t the REAL Satoshi Nakamoto.

It was an AI model, called Spirit of Satoshi, trained on everything he wrote.

It promises to:

✅ Answer any Bitcoin question

✅ Retrieve the Bitcoin price

✅ Estimate the next Halving

✅ Retrieve Bitcoin Mining & Hashrate Data

✅ Check the difficulty adjustment

✅ Check & Query Bitcoin transactions on Mempool

✅ Find Bitcoin merchants in any city, from around the world

✅ Summarize the latest in Bitcoin News

You know it. I know it.

AI is infecting everything around us.

Yesterday, we touched on a few things we’re hearing from CES 2024.

Today, more CES leaks are coming in.

Like this creepy AI-based hologram generator.


And the NVIDIA GeForce Super GPUs…


(Investors like it. Nvidia’s up 17% on the day.)

There’s also an AI mirror for mental health…

It analyzes your expressions, gestures, and tones and adapts to your mood with light therapy, meditational walkthroughs, and self-affirmations.

(The person who let me borrow this chair massager would LOVE this thing.)


And I'm still trying to figure out what this is…


But we’re not going to talk about AI today.

Plenty of time for that.

Right now, everyone’s on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens tomorrow…

Will the SEC approve the Bitcoin ETFs?

All signs point to an approval.

And if the SEC does give the “greenlight,” then we’re afraid it will be too late for anyone who HASN’T seen James’ latest prediction.

Did you already see this video?

Click here to learn more

If not…

Click here to watch the FULL version.

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