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Bitcoin to $30,000? Or Lower!?

Chris Campbell

Posted January 07, 2022

Chris Campbell

“Could bitcoin go to $30,000?”

That’s a question James and I got last Monday.

It was during our live weekly call for Early Stage Crypto Investor subscribers.

After the call, the question kept popping up….

“How low could it go?” someone else asked. “$30,000? Lower?!”

People are worried.

I get it.

It’s been a big week of bad news.

The Fed signaled it would begin tightening monetary policy. This is usually bad news for riskier assets like crypto.

Kazakhstan abruptly forced an Internet blackout.

Most people don’t know this, but Kazakhstan is a leading bitcoin miner, second only to the United States.

Bitcoin mining dropped 14%.

Could the bitcoin price follow and drop more? Could it go all the way down to $30,000?


I hope so.

Step Back. Get Some Perspective.

Here’s one way to look at it…

There are 56 million millionaires on Earth. If every millionaire wanted to own an entire bitcoin, they can’t.

There’s not enough.

If you, like me, believe demand for BTC will grow in the coming years… a lower bitcoin price in the short term is a good thing.

By the way…

We said the same thing after Bitcoin and Ethereum crashed from their all-time highs in 2018.

James repeatedly recommended his crypto subscribers buy the Ethereum and Bitcoin dips. While everyone else said crypto was dead, he predicted demand would continue to grow.

(He was right.)

In fact, around that time James also publicly predicted a country — probably in South America — would adopt Bitcoin in the coming years.

(People laughed.)

When El Salvador did exactly that last year, James said there would be more countries to follow…

El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele agrees. He just predicted two more countries will adopt bitcoin as legal tender in 2022.


Sure, Bukele is biased. And maybe James and I are biased, too.

But we have our reasons to believe crypto is here to stay. (We’ve laid out our full bull case in The Big Book of Crypto.)

Though we’re still bulls on Bitcoin…

We also believe that a few early-stage cryptos could grow by thousands of percent.

That’s why we started Early Stage Crypto Investor (ESC) — our flagship crypto research service.

Ultimately, those with knowledge, patience and conviction will reap the biggest rewards. In ESC, we do our best to arm everyone with all three.

(In fact, we just wrapped up today’s weekly update: a simple guide on everything you need to know about gaining exposure to cryptos in your IRA and cutting out capital gains taxes.)

With crypto tumbling right now…

Some see it as proof this new asset class isn’t ready…

Others see it as a “temporary hurdle.”

It’s neither of those things.

We see it as an opportunity.

If you want to see why…

And figure out whether or not our ESC community is right for you…

See what legendary futurist George Gilder had to say about it right here.

Chris Campbell
For Altucher Confidential

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