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Crypto. THIS is the Time.

Crypto. THIS is the Time.

Chris Campbell

Posted November 03, 2023

Chris Campbell

Buckle up. Something big this way comes.

Our mavericks over here at Paradigm Press Group are carving out a new homestead on YouTube.

We're stocking it with a treasure trove of wisdom nuggets right out of the gate. This isn't your garden-variety channel — it's the start of something much, much bigger...

To start, we're talking weekly pow-wows with the kind of guests who don't just know the game, but know how to play it.

Their mission?

Arm YOU with the insider know-how to stay on the bleeding-edge and wrestle your financial destiny back into your own hands.

This week, James took center stage.

And he’s bringing a perspective on crypto NOBODY else is talking about.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, the wild world of alt-coins—you’ll hear all about his updated crypto thesis, and where to find the winners.

Watch right here at this link, Or click the image below.

Click here to learn more

Hit play, enjoy, and — for the love of all that is decentralized — smash that subscribe button.

We’re building a rocket ship. We want you on board.

Today, given crypto is headed back into the limelight…

I’m going to tell a quick story I’ve never told before:

How I got into crypto a decade ago.

(Hint: James.)

Read on.

“This Guy is Crazy!”

“This guy James Altucher is either crazy or a genius,” my boss at the time said. “And I like it!”

He handed me a book.

“Check it out.”

This was 2013.

He had just bought a few copies of Choose Yourself.

I took the copy home for the weekend and devoured it before Sunday night.

Most books easily fit into a specific niche. Self-help. Investing. Entrepreneurship. Sci-Fi. Romance. Whatever.

When you talk about it, you say: “Oh, it’s a [blank] book.”

Choose Yourself wasn’t as easy to define.

It was like the minds of Bucky Fuller and Warren Buffett had a baby.

For a guy in his mid-twenties, it was a revelation.

I was hooked.

THEN, something else happened.

I saw James on CNBC talking about Bitcoin. He called it the “Choose Yourself” currency.

Wow. OK.

Jeffrey Tucker, a colleague at the time, had already introduced me to Bitcoin in 2012.

I was already intrigued… 

But I think this is partly what sent me over the edge.

From there, I got knee-deep into crypto. I read everything I could get my hands on (there wasn’t nearly as much back then), studied the history of cryptography, and absorbed everything Satoshi Nakamoto ever penned.

I traveled all around the world to conferences, meetups, and alternative universities to learn about blockchain.

I interviewed industry leaders. (And then lost all of the interviews in a boulder accident in Guatemala, only to recover them in 2021. They’re now in our book The Big Book of Crypto.)

I even created an Ethereum-based voting system for a community in Chile.

It wouldn’t be until 2018 that James and I officially met in person.

Point is…

James has been on the bleeding edge of a lot of things. Crypto is no exception.

If you want to hear why we’re so bullish on crypto, check out this interview with James. (And subscribe to the channel!)

It might just change your life.

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