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Death of the Baguette

Chris Campbell

Posted January 24, 2023

Chris Campbell

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Typing “French protest” in a search engine is like typing “Florida Man” and then your birthday.

No matter what…

It’s probably going to lift those eyebrows.

For example, here’s my birthday for 2022:

image 1

(No less, Florida man ended up in my state.)

And the protest headlines from this week in France are (drumroll please):

Over 1 million French take to the streets to protest a raise in the retirement age from 62 to 64.

Engineer loses one of his testicles after being hit by a cop during protests.

Bakers in France protest over energy and the survival of the baguette.

That last one… the survival of the baguette… is of particular interest.

If only because our colleague, Jim Rickards, has been warning about this for months.

No, not baguettes. The energy crisis.

And if you think you’re insulated… think again.

image 2

Is Your Town Next?

OK. Imagine your energy bill is $100 one month…

And then the next month it’s $1,000. And then the next month, it’s even higher.

Sounds unbelievable.

But that’s what many Europeans have faced.

France24 reports that the baker protest was “yet another sign of the anger and incomprehension felt by many French people over the sudden price hikes linked to the war in Ukraine, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic that hit global supply chains.”

According to Jim, it’s not just a European problem. It’s heading to America, too.

Alas, if the past three years have taught us anything…

It’s that politicians are fantastic at solving problems with bigger ones.


Some say this will accelerate the transition to green energy… and toward a greener, cleaner future.

And faster than we think.

Others, like our colleague Jim Rickards, say not so fast.

Jim’s been pounding the table with proof that this is just the beginning for an even bigger energy crisis…

Unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Soaring resource costs, crashing markets, chaos on Wall Street…

Nothing can be ruled out…

But if you know what to do, says Jim, you could “opt-out” of this nightmare…

And happily heat your home while potentially 15X’ing your money in the next 90 days…

His latest webcast has all the details.

Click here to learn how to opt-out now.

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