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Emergency Crypto Briefing

Chris Campbell

Posted May 13, 2022

Chris Campbell

As you know…

Crypto is in panic mode.

March 2020 was very similar in levels of fear, anger, shock and panic.

Earlier this week, we sent out an update on Coinbase.

But since a lot of our readers still have questions…

James and Doug dropped everything to record an emergency crypto briefing. (Rundown below.)

In case you missed it…

Click here to watch.

Click here for more...

In this briefing, James talks about:

  • Move your money out of Coinbase now? Media rumors of bankruptcy and forced liquidation are gripping Main Street investors with fear. Here’s the TRUTH about Coinbase — and what it means for keeping your money and crypto assets safe.
  • Demystifying the Terra Stablecoin Collapse (in plain English). Pundits are calling the stablecoin’s meltdown, “the 2008 financial crash moment of cryptocurrencies”. James will explain:
  1. What exactly a “stablecoin” is.
  2. The best kind of stablecoin to own.
  3. The financial trigger behind Terra Luna’s “Death Spiral.”
  4. How this crisis event will impact the overall future of cryptocurrencies.
  5. The “1,000X Investment Opportunity” that stablecoins are creating.
  • Where Venture Capital Funds are moving their money now. $100 billion of investment capital is flooding into this THIS little-known technology niche.
  • One Billion Users? It took the internet 35 years to reach one billion users and ultimately trigger its moment of mass adoption. Here’s why James believes the crypto industry will surpass the critical billion-user milestone as soon as this upcoming year!
  • $180,000 Ethereum by 2030? That’s the price prediction of Wall Street’s biggest tech bull. But here’s the shocking reason why James believes this price target might be too LOW.

And a lot more.

Chris Campbell
For Altucher Confidential

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