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Four "Panic-Proof” Assets (Controversial)

Four "Panic-Proof” Assets (Controversial)

Chris Campbell

Posted September 15, 2023

Chris Campbell

As the aroma of coffee filled the air this morning, we dove into the latest macro insights on our radar.

One word: Yeesh. 

In a realm where the very air tingles with tension and downturn demons might just knock on our doors...

Rickards -- macro analyst, currency expert, and oracle of financial landscapes -- has offered us his perspective this week.

Today, we polish off this Jim-filled series with FOUR of his favorite investments as we move closer to 2024.

The Fantastic Four

"What is diversification really?" Jim asks.

It’s a fair question.

Jim has long debunked the myths of modern portfolio theory. 50 stocks across 10 sectors? Puh. An illusion of safety!

In troubled times, these securities become as correlated as conjoined twins. The diversification you thought you had? Smoke and mirrors. A shadow’s dance. A mere chimera.

Although I’m not at liberty to share everything…

A good chunk of Rickards' prescription looks like this:

→ Silver: Rickards specifically recommends the American Silver Eagles, especially the 'Monster Box' from the U.S Mint. While silver may not be as illustrious as gold, it's practical. And in high demand.

→ Farmland: In times of economic strife, tangible assets like farmland are the bedrock on which real, sustainable wealth is built.

→ Income-Producing Real Estate: But not just any real estate, he says. Forget the gleaming commercial skyscrapers. Think of properties that generate a steady cash flow, even when the economy is gasping for air.

Rickards’ philosophy is clear: diversify, yes.

But do it wisely.

In the whirlwinds of change, the anchors we cast ensure we remain unswayed.

Money may not buy happiness, but understanding where to park it during a storm can surely prevent a lot of misery.

Wait! Didn’t You Say Four?

Ah, right.

I’ve saved Jim’s favorite for last.

For that, check out Jim’s BIGGEST, highest-conviction, bet.

In fact, he suggests this investment make up a whopping 10% of your total portfolio.

(And, make no mistake, this one has caused no shortage of controversy in our crypto circles.)

Click here to see Jim himself reveal this investment… and get his full take on it.

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