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Get Rich Selling Robots (AI)

Get Rich Selling Robots (AI)

Chris Campbell

Posted November 07, 2023

Chris Campbell

Take a look at this chart.


This is how many apps were launched on the Shopify app store since 2009. 

Right now, there’s about 33,000+ apps.

Collectively, they’ve pulled in about $561 million in revenue.

Apple’s app store has even more: 1.8 million apps.

Revenue? $910 billion.

If you’d launched an app on either of these platforms early, you could’ve generated some serious moolah.

Problem is, creating a Shopify app takes you about four months. An Apple app? About six months.

BUT, get this…

What if you could create your own AI app -- or “robot” -- in as little as sixteen minutes?

If you’ve been wanting to get in on the AI action, there’s a unique opportunity brewing to leverage your unique skills and knowledge to make money. 

Today, we’re going to talk about getting ahead of the curve on this…

And how you can do it, even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life.

First, the background.

OpenAI Comes Out Swinging

You might’ve heard.

OpenAI just made some huge announcements this week.

ChatGPT will be equipped with new features including:

→ GPT-4 Turbo, which can handle up to 300 pages of text in one prompt. (Over 80% than the previous version.)

→ Faster processing, lower prices

→ Image analysis: ChatGPT can now analyze Wall Street Journal images accurately and quickly.

→ Text-to-speech: offers ways to turn any text into realistic speech, and save those files as MP3s.

→ Knowledge cutoff date is now April 2023, as opposed to 2021, meaning ChatGPT has been trained on everything up until April.

But those weren’t even the biggest announcements… or opportunities.

Soon, you’ll be able to build and sell robots without any coding experience.

Build an AI App in 16 Minutes

It’s called Custom GPT.

It allows you to train your own AI on specific data for specific tasks. No coding required.

Think of it like this: 

You've got a Swiss Army knife. It's your go-to tool because it can do a bit of everything.

That's your standard AI, like GPT. Handy, but a master of none.

Now, Custom GPT?

That's like you've got the option to swap out a few of those generic tools for something way more effective for a specific task, like a pro chef's knife or a set of lockpicks, tailored just for your taste -- no engineering degree required.

Moreover, you’ll be able to sell your app in the OpenAI app marketplace.

Let’s say you have some killer creative writing aids you want to compile in one place…

Or an easier way to learn a new language…

Or you want to create an educational tool…

Build a low-cost minimum viable product…

Or you just want to create a personalized digital assistant… research assistant… marketing assistant…

You can leverage your knowledge in a way previously impossible… and sell it on the open market.

You can even integrate it into your website.

(FAQ page individuals can talk to and learn about what you do.)


Now, here’s the rub.

Get Rich Selling Robots

Custom GPT and the app store is set to launch later this month.

In the meantime, if you want to get prepared…

Go to ChatGPT and check out the applications OpenAI has already made.

They’re pretty remarkable.

One creates custom illustrations for kid’s coloring books. Another will help you with your negotiation skills. Another creates custom stickers for you. (You can even order them on the spot.)

They’re already pretty impressive.


The real fun begins when we can start creating our custom GPTs… without even knowing how to code.

If you want to get ahead of the curve on this massive move from OpenAI…

Tutorial coming soon.

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