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Spill Your Thoughts!

Spill Your Thoughts!

Chris Campbell

Posted January 29, 2024

Chris Campbell

This morning, I was playing around with a new AI image generator.

For fun, I asked for “James Altucher as Smokey the Bear and Uncle Sam.”

Gotta say…

I’m not disappointed.

Altucher confidential

And, in fact…

In the spirit of these strange mash-ups…

We DO Need Your Help

In the past couple of months or so, we’ve seen a HUGE influx of new readers into Altucher Confidential.

We’re talking about 25,000 new fellow ALC members in a little over two months. (!)


Fun fact: That’s more than Estonia’s entire military.


If you’re new here, welcome!

Newbies and veterans alike, we have a request…

We Want Your Feedback!

As you probably can tell, we cover a lot of topics in the Altucherverse.

Plus, we have a whole network of colleagues within our Paradigm Press ecosystem. Under that umbrella, we’re able to leverage the networks, connections, and research of our colleagues.

But none of that matters without YOU.

To help us better get our finger on the pulse…

Please take a second and send us an email (to answering these questions: 

What’s the #1 thing you’re WORRIED about in 2024? What keeps you up at night?

→ What’s the #1 thing you’re EXCITED about in 2024? What gets you up in the morning?

→ What opportunity intrigues you most? What do you want to learn more about?

Answer one. Answer all.

Let us know what you’re thinking…

Send it over to

We’ll cover some of them this week in Altucher Confidential.

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