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The Coming Memecoin Massacre

The Coming Memecoin Massacre

Chris Campbell

Posted June 10, 2024

Chris Campbell

Physicists hypothesize that dark matter makes up a significant portion of the universe, despite being invisible and undetectable.

In the crypto world, memecoins are the dark matter – they make up a significant portion of the market, but their true value and purpose remain a mystery.

Over the past 8 months, while Bitcoin and a select few cryptos have enjoyed a broader rally, many altcoins have been left behind.

What gives?

The answer: In part, it’s because memecoins have captured the attention of retail investors and dominated the conversation.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

I’m not shaking my fist at the memecoin craze, cursing the markets for ignoring the coins I like. On the contrary, I see it as a massive opportunity.

But I am worried for the memecoin traders.

This memecoin obsession has come at a cost. Because while much of retail is gambling in the memecoin casino, the smart money is staking ownership in the house.

Memecoins don’t have any real-world use cases. By design.

In fact, if you spend any time in these memecoin circles…

The term "utility" has become almost a dirty word, as if having a real-world use case is somehow a disadvantage.

This is a trap.

The real danger is NOT that you’ll lose all your money in the coming memecoin massacre.

(It’s coming.)

That’s one of the dangers, of course, but…

The REAL danger in focusing too much on memecoin hype is that you miss out on the coins that will help usher in mass adoption, while everything else fades away.

The Real Opportunity

Adoption happens in two stages: slow and suddenly. People will be shocked at the speed of global adoption once things kick off.

The Milk Road recently pointed out that crypto is accelerating -- growing faster than the Internet.

As you can see on this chart, in ten years we’ve seen a half a billion users, 100 million more than the Internet.

There’s a simple reason for this.

With the internet, we had to deploy hardware to get people online. Undersea cables, satellites, cell towers, data centers, last-mile infrastructure. All of it to get people connected.

With crypto, for most it's just a software update. Any software update that makes it easier for users to adopt crypto will push the needle forward.

A recent game-changer for altcoins is the launch of the Ethereum ETF.

This move legitimizes not just Ethereum but the entire altcoin asset class. It opens the door for institutional investors to gain exposure to a broader range of cryptocurrencies and provides a new level of credibility and accessibility for the market as a whole.

The impact is not yet fully priced into the market, which means there is still significant upside potential for altcoins with real utility.

As more investors start to recognize the potential of the underlying technology, we could see a major shift in the market dynamics.

The Flight to Quality

As the memecoin mania inevitably cools, we are likely to see a "flight to quality" as investors seek out projects with mass-adoption potential.

Meanwhile, retail investors who have put all their eggs in the memecoin basket may find themselves left out in the cold.

The NFT market provides a cautionary tale for what could happen when the memecoin bubble bursts.

After months of hype and soaring prices, the NFT market experienced a massive correction, leaving many investors with HUGE losses.

The same fate could befall memecoins once the hype cycle has run its course.

By focusing on utility, fundamentals, and long-term value creation, investors can position themselves to benefit from the next wave of innovation and growth in the cryptocurrency market.

The flight to quality is not about chasing the latest trend or jumping on the bandwagon.

It's about identifying the assets that have the potential to deliver real, lasting value and being patient enough to see that potential realized.

As the market matures and evolves, it's the altcoins with genuine utility that will ultimately emerge as the winners. And for those who are willing to look beyond the hype and invest in the future, the rewards could be tremendous.

More on the coins we like later this week.

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