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The Fed: Conspiracy Edition

The Fed: Conspiracy Edition

Chris Campbell

Posted May 12, 2023

Chris Campbell

In the dark underbelly of global power, where shadows dance and secrets nestle, there exists an entity of unimaginable influence.

An institution shrouded in mystery and whispered about in hushed, fearful tones.

They call it the Federal Reserve, or the 'Fed', as it's known among the initiated.

The Fed's dominion, some whisper, stretches far beyond the mere control of dollars and cents.

These whispers speak of an assembly of elites, unseen puppeteers who control the Fed's strings.

It’s them, they hiss.

They are the ones who orchestrate global events from behind a carefully constructed veil, engineering financial disasters as effortlessly as a maestro conducting a symphony.

Here, money isn't just printed; it's wielded like a weapon, with the power to forge empires or crumble civilizations.

That, at least, is the gist of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Federal Reserve.

How much of it is true? How much of it hype?

Today, we dive down the rabbit hole. Into a strange tale that involves shadowy financiers, the Titanic, and the blurry line between fact and fiction.

Fair warning: Make sure you read until the end for a surprise…

And the chance to win a few gifts. (Gold, silver, and a liferaft of knowledge.)

We’ll start with the birthplace…

The Secret Meeting Place

Contrary to the mystic aura that surrounds it, Jekyll Island isn't a figment of imagination like Atlantis or El Dorado. It's as real as the earth under your feet, nestled off the coast of Georgia, USA.

Now, about those fantastical stories that circulate around it, some of them aren't just tall tales, but facts rooted in history.

Take a journey back to 1910. Picture a clandestine meeting on this island, attended by the era's financial titans. Think J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller and the like.

The stakes were high, the air thick with anticipation. To prevent even a whisper of this rendezvous reaching the outside world, they stuck to a first-name basis, leaving their last names, and their empires, at the door.

Their mission? To lay the groundwork for what would later evolve into the mighty Federal Reserve.

The shroud of secrecy that hung over this hush-hush meet has since sparked a cascade of theories. Some argue that this wasn't just a policy powwow. No, they suggest it was a master plan in the making - a strategy to seize the reins of financial control and tip the scales of the economy in their favor.

And these power players, it seems, left no stone unturned to make it happen.

The Titanic: Tragic Coincidence, or More?

In the conspirasphere, the catastrophic sinking of the Titanic in 1912 isn't simply seen as a heartbreaking misfortune. Instead, it's painted as an elaborate plot, executed with surgical precision.

Here's the scoop...

Among the notable victims of the Titanic were John Jacob Astor IV, Isidor Straus, and Benjamin Guggenheim. These were men of considerable wealth and clout, their names echoing in the halls of business and society.

Interestingly, rumor has it that these men weren't fans of the idea of a central bank like the Federal Reserve.

Connect the dots, and some theorists suggest that their tragic demise conveniently swept away any potential roadblocks to the birth of the Federal Reserve.

A bit too convenient, they whisper...

How Much is True?

Alright, let's sift through the facts and fictions.

Fact: A covert meeting did happen at Jekyll Island, where several bigwig bankers gathered.

Fact: The Federal Reserve does indeed hand over a chunk of power to a select group of banks, which might look a lot like power consolidation to the discerning eye.

Fact: The unique architecture of the Federal Reserve stirs up no shortage of confusion about who owns it.

Fact: The Federal Reserve does run its operations with a fair bit of independence from Uncle Sam, which might make you wonder who's pulling the strings.

Fact: There have been global shake-ups, like economic crises, which some folks tie back to the monetary policy maneuvers of the Fed.

And yes, the Titanic's plunge into the icy Atlantic on April 15, 1912, sent some of the world's richest and most influential men, including John Jacob Astor IV and Benjamin Guggenheim, to their watery graves.

But on that last point - concrete proof that these men were shouting from the rooftops against the idea of the Fed? It's pretty scanty.

And we’ll leave the conclusion up to you: Malice? Incompetence? None of the two? You decide.

Still, don't think that this lets the Fed off scot-free...

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