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The Paradigm Shift to Your Subscription

Chris Campbell

Posted August 02, 2022

Chris Campbell

We have big news to share today…

Including an absolute paradigm shift that adds new benefits to your Altucher Confidential membership.

This change also applies if you’re a member of ANY of the following services that James and team offers, including:

Top 1% Advisory…

Altucher’s Angels…

Alphabrain Alert…

Altucher’s Investment Network…

Altucher’s Investment Network Pro…

Secret Income…

Early-Stage Crypto Investor…

If you’re a member to any of these services, look out for an additional email from our team. It will tell you everything you need to know about how the following change will affect your subscription.

Here’s what you need to know…

Announcing: The Paradigm Press Group

Long story short…

Our publisher, Three Founders Publishing, has merged with two other publishing arms. Effective immediately, we will collectively be known as Paradigm Press Group.

To be sure, the name “Paradigm” was chosen with intention. The name will represent everything we say, write, and recommend… starting now.


And, with our powers combined, we’re doubling (tripling!) down on bringing you the BEST possible research, insight, ideas, and discoveries.

This means we’ll be working even closer alongside investment powerhouses Jim Rickards, George Gilder, Ray Blanco, Zach Scheidt, Byron King, and Alan Knuckman.

(I’ll introduce all of them properly in a moment.)

With this move, we’re not just trying to do things marginally, or incrementally, better. We want to have an exponential impact on your life and, by extension, the lives of your loved ones and your community.

Allow me to explain why this is so important to us…

And, hopefully, to you too.

The World is Changing

The world has changed and more change is coming.

Everyone wants to know: How bad can things get? How do I keep up? How do I find safe passage? How do I keep from getting screwed?

As a general rule, we tend to shy away from cliches, but, on the other hand, if the boot fits, we put it on: Great change creates great uncertainty, but also great opportunity.

And yet, there’s a caveat to this well-worn statement. Here’s what only a few recognize: In the midst of massive change, it’s not enough to try to do things incrementally better.

Those who aim for exponential impact will reap outsized rewards in the coming months and years, while those who try to change things only marginally -- or try to rearrange the furniture on the Titanic -- will get left behind. Shooting for exponential impact is much harder to do, but the results, and the rewards, are exponentially greater.

That’s why, in our polarized world, Paradigm Press Group seeks out the “third thing.”

That term might be unfamiliar to you, so let’s unpack it.

A Tension of Opposites

I’m sure you’ve noticed…

Modern life is a constant clash of opposites. In social, political, and economic life, we are expected — by our peers, our politicians, and the elites — to identify with a side and then defend that side, warts and all, even to our own detriment.

This not only wreaks havoc in our personal lives, but it also creates widespread chaos and confusion, putting a strain on the very systems that keep us comfortable, productive, and alive.

Adding insult to injury, powerful special interests — yes, on both sides! — scrub salt in the wounds, and for their own selfish interests and agendas.

But, here’s the secret…

Contrary to popular instinct, groundbreaking innovation, insight, and discovery rarely happens on either extreme end of the polarities. Perhaps paradoxically, the sides are almost never on the “right side of history.” The real magic happens somewhere closer to the middle; in the tension of the opposites.

It happens by carefully considering both sides and rising above them. It happens through transcending and including previous ideas, insights, and discoveries.

It happens through the recognition of a third thing: a new idea or a new way of looking at and acting in the world that’s fundamentally different from the polarized world that everyone else passively accepts.

The New Paradigm

You see, these “third things” are precisely how civilizations grow, evolve, innovate, and do more with less.

They are the building blocks of paradigm shifts.

Throughout history, those discoverers of third things tend to hold special insight into how the future will unfold. Such forward-thinking souls react not to the way the world is, but instead tend to respond to the way the world is becoming.

That often makes them seem strange, sometimes even eccentric. But, as you can imagine, it also gives them an unfair advantage.

Likewise, at Paradigm Press, we hunt for the uncommon, exceptional, unique, rare, and the unparalleled. We scavenge for the extraordinary. In other words, we are foragers of third things.

Not entirely unlike our intrepid ancestors, who, all around the world, sought better lives for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.

Whereas our ancestors sought out new lands and new treasures, however, we pursue new ways to look at and act in the world that can help our readers live happier, healthier, and more abundant lives.

And we do so by also cutting through the noise of the mainstream media, politicians, and global elites… and by searching for new opportunities and new systems that could render them obsolete.

Meet Your Guides


We’re not just trying to do things marginally, or incrementally, better. We endeavor to discover ideas and innovations that will have an exponential impact on your life, the lives of your loved ones, and your community.

Although it’s much harder to do, ultimately, the impact -- and the spoils -- will be better by leaps and bounds. Consider this your official invitation to join us and benefit from everything we have to offer.

Now, with that said, it’s time to meet our trusty guides on this journey.

  • James Altucher: Of course, you’re probably already familiar with James. He’s a former hedge fund manager and best-selling author of Choose Yourself, Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth and Reinvent Yourself. He has started and run more than twenty companies and operates a blog that has attracted more than 20 million readers since its launch. As if that weren’t enough, he hosts three podcasts that have been downloaded over 40 million times — all thanks to his uncanny ideas regarding entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency, investing and life philosophy.


  • George Gilder, America’s top futurist and Ronald Reagan’s favorite author. He championed the idea of supply-side economics, then turned his attention to uncovering how cutting-edge technology creates wealth. His bestselling books on the topic include TelecosomLife After Television Life After Google and more. His next book, Life After Capitalism, will be released in October. Since 2019, his insights and strategies have delivered gains of 67%... 238%... even 661%.


  • Jim Rickards, an ex-CIA insider, American lawyer, economist, government advisor and investment banker with 40 years of experience working in capital markets on Wall Street. His books include The New Case for Gold (April 2016), and four New York Times bestsellers — Currency Wars (2011), The Death of Money (2014), The Road to Ruin (2016) and Aftermath (2019). In 2016, he predicted Donald Trump’s election victory as well as Britain’s exit from the European Union. Since 2020, he’s been warning that government policies were leading to a financial meltdown — which is now coming true.


  • Senior Technology Strategist Ray Blanco, who knows that being ahead of the next big technology can lead to windfall profits. He called the 5G boom in 2011, the pot boom in 2016 and the satellite WIFI boom in 2020. His expertise has kept readers ahead of the curve for over a decade.


  • Income and Retirement Specialist Zach Scheidt, a former hedge fund manager who teaches his readers the same tricks his wealthy clients used. His high-yield winners include reliable profit-generators like Apple Inc., Microsoft Inc. and Ford Motor Co., as well as dividend payers specializing in alternative energy, cloud computing and more.


  • Master Trader and Technical Analyst Alan Knuckman, who has spent most of his 30-year career developing tools to predict a stock’s ups and downs. His ability to see what’s coming next makes him a regular guest on financial news outlets like CNN, BloombergTV, Fox Business Network, Sky News and CNBC. Alan’s readers have had chances to see 145% gains with Twitter in three months… 112% with Noble Energy in two weeks… 129% with American Airlines in 11 days… to name just a few!


  • Resource maven Byron King graduated from Harvard University with a degree in geological sciences. He then went to work as a geologist for Gulf Oil Exploration and Production. Next came a tour as a flight officer for the U.S. Navy. At one point, he was an aide to the United States Chief of Naval Operations. After leaving active duty, Byron began practicing law. When he officially joined the staff, he began criss-crossing the globe in search of the world’s best mining investment opportunities.
Expect to see more from these guides moving forward.

It’s a brand new epoch for our newsletters. And we’re happy you’re coming along with us on this journey.

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