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They Weren’t Ready. Are You?

They Weren’t Ready. Are You?

Chris Campbell

Posted September 14, 2023

Chris Campbell

History is littered with unheeded warnings…

Laocoön warned the Trojans against letting in the giant wooden horse.

They let it in anyway.

In 1912, several ships warned the Titanic about ice ahead.

They scoffed.

In 1986, a few engineers warned that launching the Challenger Space Shuttle in the cold could lead to catastrophe.

They launched it in the cold.

2005: experts warned New Orleans officials that Hurricane Katrina could bring the city to its knees.

They were struck unprepared.

2008: several experts, our colleague Jim Rickards included among them, raised concerns about potential risks mounting in the financial system.

(Jim actually warned a senior member of Congress about it three weeks before the big meltdown.)

The banks and regulators waved them off. 

From Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius… to the 1930s Dust Bowl… to the Rwandan Genocide… to Pearl Harbor.

The fallout from these disasters could have been averted -- or at least appeased -- if the right people heeded the warnings given to them.

To paraphrase an old saying…

Those who overlook history's errors are destined to relive them.

That’s why, today, I want to make sure you didn’t miss an important email from James himself.

Did You See it?

Earlier today, James sent out an email to all Altucher Confidential subscribers.

Missed it? Don’t worry.

Here’s the gist:

James urged all ALC subscribers to consider what our colleague Jim has to say tonight at 7PM during his emergency Zoom call.

In short, Jim believes a banking crisis is imminent.

If Jim’s right, we could be mere weeks from another 2008-style moment. Just in case, he’s going to cover some of the exact steps you can take to not only prepare…

But to be on the right side of history.

This call will be 100% live and unscripted. You’ll have a chance to see Jim in rare form. And it’s free for you to attend.

Just click this link to sign up on Zoom for free. Then tune in at 7pm ET tonight.

Please note, it's a live event, so there’s no “rewind” button. Showing up at 7 will make sure you don’t miss anything crucial.

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