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Tokenizing Las Vegas

Tokenizing Las Vegas

Chris Campbell

Posted February 09, 2024

Chris Campbell

Here’s a picture of the Las Vegas strip in 1955 on sale for $3 million.

Las Vegas

Though it took quite a bit of work to get it where it is today…

That initial $3 million plot of land is now easily… if you take into account the real estate, casinos, hotels, businesses, infrastructure, etc… worth hundreds of billions of dollars.


Now, imagine if, instead of selling this land whole, the owner tokenized it and you could own fractional plots.

Imagine you owned 1% of this land in 1955, worth $30,000.

How much do you think it’d be worth today? (BILLIONS!)

Now, consider what’s happening in Próspera, a charter city in Honduras.

Before we go there, though…

James just released his latest Apple prediction. His last Apple prediction was in 2011. Everyone called him nuts. And yet, anyone who listened pulled in over 1,000%.

That time, it was “Buy Apple.” This time, it’s “Don’t!”

Click here to see the full interview. 

Próspera: The Crown Jewel of Honduras

For a little over a week, I’ve been reporting from Próspera, Honduras.

It’s often called a “startup city” -- even by me -- but that’s only half right.

Technically speaking, Próspera is a governance platform and charter city developer. Pristine Bay, where I’m writing from, exists under Próspera’s unique legal framework.

Back in 2022, Próspera announced the launch of a $100 million fundraise to develop the first full-fledged charter city in the world.

Now, here’s where things get interesting:

Investors could acquire fractional ownership of real estate in this charter city in the form of a crypto asset -- a security token.

Joel Bomgar, Prospera’s president, said: “This groundbreaking approach to fundraising leverages the greatest benefits of blockchain technology – simplicity, security, and tradability.”

Moreover, you can do some interesting stuff with tokenization.

During one conversation earlier this week, there was talk of a potential revenue-share program.


If you own real estate in an exotic startup city (perhaps one like Prospera offers), a management company will rent it out for you while you’re away.

You’ll earn a cut. (More than you would from most management companies because a lot of things, outside of maintenance and cleaning, can be simplified and automated.)

But let’s say they don’t rent it out? Doesn’t matter.

A portion of all of the houses that were rented out would go into a pool, and you’d still get a cut.

You’ll make money no matter what.

Of course, you could do this without tokenization, but tokenized securities make this a LOT easier, cheaper, and more frictionless.

Tokenization is the Future

I had a conversation with another guy here who wants to securitize and tokenize his future salary.

It makes a lot of sense.

He doesn’t have to go into debt to raise capital. Moreover, the people invested in his future salary have every incentive to see him succeed.

Consider that this is essentially how Hollywood works today. An agent gets a cut of your salary.

Now, imagine you could extend that model to individuals -- and, ideally, diminish the more predatory and opaque aspects of the “agent industry.”

What else can you tokenize/fractionalize?

Lots of things…

Fans could own parts of sports contracts or teams. Investors could gain access to the space economy through shared ownership in satellites or lunar plots.

Copyrights. IP. Patents. And way more.

Editor’s Note: That’s why, in our Early Stage Crypto Investor network, James and I are recommending a crypto project this week that’s looking to build a bridge between DeFi and Traditional Finance -- through tokenization of Real World Assets. If you’re an ESC member, check it out here.]

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